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DME Sales & Practitioner Support

Voyage Medical Solutions is a specialist in durable medical equipment, providing patients and providers with the solutions and expertise they need to thrive.

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What We Do

DME Specialists & Experts

Voyage Medical Solutions specializes in durable medical equipment, using our decades of experience to benefit both patients and providers alike.

DME Supplier
DME Supplier

Voyage Medical Solutions can help patients find the DME that they need–when they need it. We work alongside providers to ensure the process is simple for patients.

DME Billing
DME Billing

DME is subject to intense scrutiny and a complex regulatory environment. Voyage Medical Solutions can provide billing services to protect your practice and simplify your logistics.

DME Practice Management
Practice Management

Voyage Medical Solutions has a track record for improving revenues while simplifying processes. Let us help streamline your medical practice with targeted practice management solutions.

Durable Medical Equipment

Voyage Medical Solutions works with clients to ensure that they get the information and training they need to use the DME that you’ve prescribed them.

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About Us

Dedicated to Patient Care

Voyage Medical Solutions was founded after experiencing first-hand how frustrating finding, billing, and getting reimbursed for DME can be–for patients and providers. Voyage Medical Solutions was built to offer an alternative that’s simple and efficient, without sacrificing quality.

We offer clients quality products and the support services they need to use them. For providers, we’re here to help make your billing and DME practice more efficient and cost-effective. We’re here to improve patient care, directly and indirectly.

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