Simplify Your Revenue Cycle. Maximize Client Care.

Voyage Medical Solution can simplify your DME billing and allow you to focus on providing client care.

Voyage Medical Supply’s team has decades of experience in durable medical equipment and we can handle your billing while ensuring that your patients get the right equipment and instruction they need to use it.

If you’re looking for reliable DME billing, contact Voyage Medical Solutions today to speak with a representative about how we can help you simplify your revenue cycle and improve your patient’s well-being.

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  • Simplify Your Billing

    DME is highly regulated and requires a specialized set of skills and certifications. It’s complicated, and your billing specialist may already be overwhelmed. Voyage Medical Solutions can take over your DME billing to simplify your workload.

  • Serve Your Patients

    As both a DME supplier and biller, working with Voyage Medical Solutions will provide a closed loop for you and your patients. We can simplify the process for both your practice and your patients–all while improving patient care.

  • Maximize Your Revenue

    As DME experts, Voyage Medical Solutions understands the ins and outs of DME billing and can ensure that your claims are processed quickly and efficiently, maximizing your revenues and doing so without long waits.

  • Protect Your Practice

    Internal DME billing can open your practice to audits. You assume less risk when you work with Voyage Medical Solutions, sheltering your practice and reducing liability and overall risk to your practice.